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Friendly Farms Pet Retreat is a customized facility offering daycare and overnight stay for domesticated pets. Owners will have peace of mind and confidence that their family members are receiving quality care and comfortable accommodations while they're away from their normal, everyday environment. They offer a loving, relaxing experience where pets can enjoy interactive play time, which is essential for their long-term health. A variety of packages and individualized options are available. Come see why you'll agree to LET 'EM STAY WHILE YOU'RE AWAY! ! 

Scott and Shannon Gwin have been pet owners all of their lives and recognize that they are more than just pets, but extensions of the family. They have toured and experienced dozens of luxury boarding facilities across the country from an owner's perspective. They are offering an alternative to standard kennel-care and pet sitting, which can be unsettling for both owner and pet. Bringing their vision to Franklin Parish based on these very personal experiences, the Gwins understand the needs of pet owners who want their loved animals to be safe and happy yet engaged in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

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