There are always lots of questions before allowing your family member to stay in a new environment away from home. We encourage all parents to schedule a tour and speak to the staff in person, but want to try to answer some common questions for you here.

Q: What vaccinations are required for approval to stay at FFPR?

A: Canines are required to have RABIES, DHLP and BORDETELLA and Felines are required to have RABIES and FVRCP. These vaccinations must be current and administered by a veterinarian.

Q: I just realized that my pet needs an updated vaccination, but I already have reservations. Can I bring them anyway and catch up the vaccination next time?

A: Unfortunately, No. Our vaccination policy is to ensure the safety and well being of our guests.

Q: Will you call me to remind me when my pet's vaccinations are almost expired?

A: FFPR tries to give notice to all pet owner's that vaccinations need to be current prior to their next appointment. However, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for reminding you to update your pet's vaccinations.

Q: Why do I always seem to get a voicemail when calling for a reservation?

A: The staff at FFPR stays quite busy with the schedules and needs of our guests. We try to monitor the phone system often throughout the day and return calls as soon as possible.

Q: Is there someone that will stay with my pet all night? What do you do in case of an emergency?

A: There is not a staff member present during the night hours at the facility. Alarms are in place for immediate police and fire department response and around the clock video surveillance is available to management. Owners, Scott and Shannon Gwin, reside 4 miles from the facility and can be present within minutes, if necessary. Soothing music plays while pets are in rest time and night light illumination is standard.

Q: Should I make a reservation for my pet?

A: Although not required, reservations are highly recommended, especially in summer months and at holidays.

Q: Will someone be there to take care of my pet during your closed holidays?

A: Absolutely. The staff keeps a regular schedule and all of our guests are cared for and loved no matter the holiday. During closed holidays, check in and check out times are not available.

Q: I have two dogs. Can they stay together?

A: Yes. Two dogs may stay together in the 5'x6' or 5'x7' suites, but size limitations and additional costs apply, and are at the sole discretion of the manager on duty. We recommend the 6'x8' Romper Room suite for sleepovers.

Q: Why did my pet not eat all of their food?

A: It is not unusual for pets to eat less while away from their normal surroundings. The excitement of meeting new friends and having lots of play times can cause a reduction in appetite. Rest assured, we watch our guests carefully and monitor their eating to insure that they are eating enough. If we feel that your pet's appetite is of concern, we will contact you about alternative options.