Cats are given open door suite time and thirty minutes of active, individual play is provided in the morning and evening for $15 per day.


Although often added as additional-charge items in other facilities, we know that all pets need movement and interaction for health and well-being. We provide daily playtimes and exercise at NO ADDITIONAL FEE. Beds and bowls are standard in each room, but we allow you to bring personal beds, if you so desire. You will need to provide their food in a small, labeled container. Dry food is available, but an extra fee will apply.  Soothing music plays throughout when in rest time. An inside play area is available on rainy days so schedules are not interrupted.







Wash and Dry*

Simple Spa, includes bath, blowout & cologne*

Simple Spa Plus, includes bath, blowout, nails, glands, cologne*

​Complete Spa, includes a full groom with the above


*All pets over 40lbs are subject to $10 weight fee.

​   Up to 30 minutes late will result in a $5 late fee

​More than 30 minutes late will require a reschedule


There is a minimum 2-day stay billed for all overnight guests.








Sleep Over (additional pet in suite)*

Wash/Dry Before Checkout**

Oral/Topical Medications - per day

Email/Text With Pictures - per day

Early Check-In or Late Check-Out

Snuggle Time

Pupcake Snack


Birthday Cake (one week notice required)

Popsicle Treat

Daycare During Stay

Obedience Session - 20 minutes

Peanut Butter Kong (reduces stress)

Ball Time - 15 minutes

Optional Services To Add If Preferred

Trim (simple scissor and/or razor work)

Essential Oil Treatment

Nail Polish

Pad & Nose Moisturizer

Feline Spa (wipe down and mani/pedi)

Tooth/Gum Wipes


$5 and up






$1 per minute

We have several gift options available for the dog or cat lover in your life! 

​We offer keychains, magnets, candles and picture frames. Custom tees and spa products are also available. We stock tearless and waterless shampoos, combs and colognes. Come by and see us for a unique gift sure to bring a smile!!!


Pets who attend daycare are treated to a day of play and socialization. Pets are separated into groups with friends of like sizes and temperaments. Daycare offers a great alternative for pets that experience separation anxiety or become easily bored when left alone. We also offer add-ons such as potty training for babies or simple command sessions for our teens! 

Per Day - $30        30-day Package - $300

Package days do not have to be used consecutively and never expire! Any add-on desired is $10 per day in addition to package pricing. 

* Size limitations apply and are solely at manager's discretion      ** Availability to be determined by groomer

Salon Services

We currently offer three sizes of suites: 5'x6', 5'x7', and 6'x8'. Our small suites are $25 per day, medium suites are $35 per day and large suites are $45 per day. Our large suites can accommodate two guests with no additional fees. Suites are billed by the day and not by the night. Half-day billing is determined by morning and evening pick-up/drop-off times.   


Available Suites

$10 and up

$15 and up

​$25 and up

​$40 and up