Friendly Farms Pet Retreat

​Salon services are available upon request. Reservations are required but boarding and daycare services are not and same day services may be possible. Several package options to choose from including customized spa treatments. Please call the office for details and pricing information.

Overnight Packages

The Feline Lofts: Cats are given open door suite time and thirty minutes of active, individual play is provided in the morning and evening - $15 per day

Although often added as additional-charge items in other facilities, we know that all pets need movement and interaction for health and well-being. We provide daily playtimes and exercise at NO ADDITIONAL FEE. Beds and bowls are standard in each room, but we allow you to bring personal beds, if you so desire. You will need to provide their food in a small, labeled container. Dry food is available (Purina Pro Plan), but an extra fee will apply.  Soothing music plays throughout when in rest time. An inside play area is available on rainy days so schedules are not interrupted.

Front Porch Flats: 5'x6' suites that include 30 minutes of group play twice a day for pups who enjoy shorter periods of playtime - $25 per day

Pets who attend daycare are treated to a day of play and socialization. Pets are separated into groups with friends of like sizes and temperaments. Fun begins at 9am and lunch is served at noon. Nap and rest time is from 1-2pm. Afternoon games are from 3-5pm, then back inside to await pick-up by parents. Daycare offers a great alternative for pets that experience separation anxiety or become easily bored when left alone. We also offer add-ons such as potty training for babies or simple command sessions for our teens! Please call for details and pricing on available packages.

Romper Rooms: 6'x8' rooms that will include the Garden Spot Suite package but offers very spacious accommodations for guests. This package is great for our extra large friends and will also allow for a two-pet stay without a single suite additional charge - $45 per day

​Salon Services

​​​Garden Spot Getaways: 5'x7' suites that include one-hour group play sessions twice a day; perfect for very active, energetic, socialized pets - $35 per day

Shade Tree Suites: 5'x6' suites that include two 30-minute individual play times for specialized fun, or four 15-minute breaks, which is ideal for older pets - $30 per day


There is a minimum 2-day stay billed for all overnight guests.